All your rules answered in one place
  • ★2 – Company Rules

  • ★2.1 – Dual VTC

    Any of INDIAN TRUCKERS member is not allowed to be in any other VTC and/or participating / driving as other VTC’s member while in INDIAN TRUCKERS.

  • ★2.2 – Re-joining Rule

    If a member leaves ITVTC and applies again, the member will be entertained the same. But its only till the third time. If a member leaves or is removed from INDIAN TRUCKERS for the third time and applies again for fourth time, the member will not be entertained and the application will be cancelled.

  • ★2.3 – In-Game Tag

    Your in-game tag should be ITVTC at all the time. If we found you with changed tag you will be kicked from the VTC.

  • ★2.4 – ITVTC DriversHub

    You should be registered on ITVTC’s DriversHub within a week after you gets accepted in the VTC. Otherwise this can lead to a warning and then a kick from the VTC.

  • ★2.5 – Job Tempering

    If found using Money, XP or any other mod that will effect the VTC Statistics will lead to a strict action to be taken against you.

  • ★2.6 – Ban Information

    If you are banned from TruckersMP while your application is in progress or while you are a member of INDIAN TRUCKERS, you must inform about the same to the Staff team also you can share your how not to drive in our discord server #ban-videos

  • ★2.7 – Permanent Ban Information

    If you get permanent ban and you decides to purchase another account then your previous accounts data will be lost and you cannot regain that data.

  • ★2.8 – Leaving INDIAN TRUCKERS

    If you wish to Leave INDIAN TRUCKERS VTC, you should inform a Staff member for the Same.

  • ★3 – ITVTC Event Rules

  • ★3.1 – Representing INDIAN TRUCKERS

    As a member of INDIAN TRUCKERS, you should always keep in mind that while in any event in game where you are representing ITVTC, you should behave like good player only to improve and maintain the Goodwill of INDIAN TRUCKERS.

  • ★3.2 - Reckless Driving

    Driving Recklessly/ overtaking without asking staff during any of the private/public Convoy/Event when representing INDIAN TRUCKERS Will cause a kick or a ban from the VTC.

  • ★3.3 – Vehicles Allowed

    Only Trucks Provided by us in our Convoy Account is allowed in the Convoy. Bringing different truck or a car will lead to, but not limited to, be FIRED from the VTC.

  • ★3.4- Voice channel

    You should be in On the Road Voice channel (in Discord) During The whole convoy. In special cases you must inform any of the Staff Team.

  • ★3.5 – Event Details

    ★3.5.1 - You should read #convoy-details channel in our discord where you can find all the details related to the convoy.

    ★3.5.2 – You will be notified on the day of every convoy. Keep a check at #announcement. You can also follow the channel on your own discord server.

  • ★3.6 – Special Instructions

    ★3.6.1- Please listen to instruction given by the Event Staff.

    ★3.6.2 - Keep distance at least 70-100m from the truck in front of you.

    ★3.6.3 - Please Respect all the members in the CONVOY.

    ★3.6.4 - Drive Safely and Speed Appropriately.

  • ★3.7 Public Events

    ★3.7.1 - You should drive appropriately while in public events to maintain the reputation of INDIAN TRUCKERS

    ★3.7.2 - You should respect all the members around you.

    ★3.7.3 - If you are found driving recklessly, a strict action will be taken against you.

  • ★4 - Convoy profiles

  • ★4.1- Modifying truck and Trailers

    Modifying trucks and trailers provided by us in the convoy account is strictly prohibited. Bringing modified trucks to the convoys while representing INDIAN TRUCKERS will lead to a warning which can cause up to a permanent ban from the VTC.

  • ★4.2 – Use of convoy trucks

    You are free to use INDIAN TRUCKERS Official convoy trucks / livery for doing random jobs or free roam but driving responsibly is what we expect while in ITVTC Livery.

  • ★4.3 – Use of Convoy Account

    You can use convoy account for free roam and jobs as well. Also you can purchase a truck of your choice and modify that truck as per your choice. But do not modify any trucks provided by us in the convoy account.

While you apply for INDIAN TRUCKERS, you accept all the rules and hereby INDIAN TRUCKERS can remove any of the member if found violating any of these rules and guidelines.

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